NM EDGE (Education Designed to Generate Excellence in the public sector), a service of New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension Service, is a program designed to provide a comprehensive course of study to administrators, managers, elected officials, and staff in local, state, tribal, and national government. Through this program, participants can acquire and apply best practices, theories, and strategies based on the highest professional standards.

The mission of NM EDGE is Better Government through Education. 


NM EDGE's June Honing Input Window is Now Open

Are there classes that are not already listed on the Class List by Honing Event that you would like to see offered during our September Honing session?  Is so, please complete the following September Honing Input Survey by Thursday, June 27th. 


It's official! NM EDGE/NM CPM has earned accreditation through 2027!

Thank you to NCPMC, the NM EDGE Team, our NM Public Service Partners on our Advisory Board, our Public Servant Students, our Public Service Practitioner Instructors, and NM Cooperative Extension Service!