How to Enroll in and Pay for Classes

Enrolling in Classes 

When you have an activated account, login at After logging in, click Register on the left-hand side of the page. You will come to a Student Self-Service class enrollment page.

  • Click on the DROP DOWN arrow to see the Selection of Events available for registration. 
  • Scroll through to find the event in which you wish to enroll.
  • Click the SELECT an Event button to get to the class selection.
  • Select classes. (Notice that when you select a class a remove button appears to give you the option of de-selecting that class). The system can be slow, so please give it time to process so you do not lose any classes.
  • After selecting classes, click Submit registration.

For printable enrollment instructions, including visuals, click here.

Generating an Invoice and Paying for Classes

Once you have enrolled in classes on the registration site, you will have three payment options. You can choose to pay for classes before or after they begin. Please note that NM EDGE does not charge for classes that were not successfully completed.

  1. “Continue and Pay Later” – CLICK this option to enroll for classes and NOT
    GENERATE AN INVOICE. (This option is available for students who are
    enrolled in a group account).
  2. “Pay with Credit Card” – CLICK this option to generate an invoice and to pay
    with a credit card immediately (a 2.95% transaction fee will be added).
  3. “Pay with Check or Purchase Order” – CLICK this option to GENERATE

To ensure timely application of funds to your account balance, please include your invoice number on the check and ensure that it is mailed to the following address:

NMSU Cooperative Extension Service
MSC 3AE, P.O. 30003
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8003

Mailing the payment to any other address will result in a delay in the payment being posted and credited to your account.

For printable payment instructions, including visuals, click here.