Cost of All NM EDGE Classes

For new students, there is an one-time, non-recurring enrollment fee of $50.

The base-cost of each class is $75. However, when more classes are purchased, lower class prices are automatic. Class can be purchased by an individual or through a group account, where several student have access to a pool of class coupons.

When purchased (per transaction) ...

1 - 4 classes

5 - 9 classes

10 - 14 classes

15 - 19 classes

20 - 24 classes

25 Classes or more

Cost ...

$75 per class unit

$70 per class unit

$65 per class unit

$60 per class unit

$55 per class unit

$50 per class unit

What is a Group Account?

For many organizations, creating a group account can assist in helping to cut the cost of our classes. We strongly recommend that entities use a group account because it helps keep costs low.

A group account is a pool of class coupons that allows organizations to have more control over employees who are taking classes. Rather than purchasing classes for an individual student, a group account allows an entity or a department to buy class coupons that can be shared by a group.

For more information about group accounts, please call Lydia Duran at (505) 224-4057 or email her at

W-9 Requests

NMSU has changed the procedure for issuance of the completed/signed W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) with NMSU taxpayer information. This form is requested from external entities who are going to pay NMSU for goods/services (NMSU is acting as a vendor). ALL requests for a completed/signed copy of NMSU's W-9; must be sent to