Creating a New Student Account

Check-out the NM EDGE self-service Student Records & Enrollment Site where you can become a student, print transcripts and enroll for upcoming classes

The NM EDGE self-service Student Records & Enrollment Site offers the ability to print your own invoice and the ability to look at or print your class history. Here are some tips for brand new users:

Update your browser

First, if you find that the window does not display correctly on your computer screen, or the system doesn't properly respond to you, you may be using an older version of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or another web browser. You can download current versions from the welcome page of the registration site or ask your IT professional to do so. Please be sure to check with your IT administrator to make sure updating your browser will not cause a problem

Look for your activation email

Once you are enrolled in the program, you will receive an email issuing you a student ID number and instructions on activating your account. The email will come from If you cannot find it, look in your junk mail box. If you still cannot find it, contact NM EDGE staff at 505 224 4057 or 505 6224 4059 to assist you. Please do not create and activate multiple accounts as this can cause problems with the accuracy of your transcript later, call us instead.

The system only allows one account per email address

The system cannot allow multiple students to use the same email address. Each student needs a unique email address as part of the security of the system.

Security Prevents NM EDGE from Sending Information to Third Parties

For security reasons NM EDGE will never share your information with third parties and does not recommend that students share their password with others. If you want a third party to activate an account for you, it is up to you to forward the email that was sent to you to that person. If you have activated your account, but expect a third party to enroll you in classes, you must send your student number and password to that third party. Again, NM EDGE will never share your information with third parties and does not recommend that students share their password with others.

Procedures after activating accounts

When you have an activated account, log in at: Student Record and Enrollment Site or the link above on this page.

After logging in, click Register on the left of the page. You will come to a Student Self-Service class enrollment page. Click the add class button to get to the class selection page.

Select classes. (Notice that when you select a class a remove button appears to give you the option of de-selecting that class) After selecting classes, click Save registration

You will see a page that will offer you the opportunity to buy the class coupons to cover the cost of your classes. If you want to buy them on your individual account or credit card or print out an individual invoice click yes. If you want to pay with a group account from your department, county or affiliate, click no.

If you clicked yes, you will go to a Purchasing and Invoicing page that shows how many coupons you must buy after registration. Click Continue

Click the number of class units (coupons) you need.

Print out your invoice or complete an online credit card purchase.

If there are problems, your employer may have a firewall preventing the completion of transactions.

Click on the How to Enroll in NM EDGE Program and NM EDGE Classes Tip Sheet link below for assistance on enrolling.