NM EDGE Certification Programs and Requirements

NM EDGE/ NM CPM & County College Core Certifications

There are three core certification programs in NM EDGE/NM CPM and County College, which are based on course guidelines of the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium (CPM) guidelines. These certifications share many common classes.

The certification programs are:

  1. NM Certified Public Official
  2. NM Certified Public Supervisor
  3. NM Certified Public Manager®

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NM Certified Public Official

The NM Certified Public Official program requires 18 classes, which are chosen from a selected list of NM CPM-approved courses. The certification also requires a mini-essay demonstrating the application of the competencies learned through participating in the classes.

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NM Certified Public Supervisor

The NM Certified Public Supervisor program requires completion of 30 classes selected from an approved list. This certification also requires completion of a six-hour culminating assessment where the student demonstrates the application of competencies learned through participating in the NM CPM classes.

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NM Certified Public Manager®

The NM Certified Public Manager® program requires 60 NM CPM-approved classes, 18 hours of assessments (six three-hour classes), plus a supervised capstone project.

Public Sector Specialization Certificates

In addition to core certifications, the NM EDGE offers classes that are specific to a number of public sector specializations. Please click here to learn more on public sector specializations.

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